Erica is a hero in Band of Heroes.

Leader's PowersEdit

Hail of Arrows: Erica shoots arrows at every enemy causing 200% damage. The arrows go right through the enemies.

Discipline: +15% (+3% per Drill upgrade) to fire rate of every hero in the band.


Splitting Arrows: Erica's arrows gain 5% (per upgrade) chance to split into two arrows after hitting an enemy.

Elite Guard: Erica's HP and damage is increased by 10% (per upgrade) (This applies to current and next levels).

First Aid: +0.6% (per upgrade) chance that the enemy will drop a healing potion when eliminated.

Battle Fury: Erica fills up the super power meter by 1% (per upgrade) each time she gets damaged.

Piercing Arrows: Erica's arrows gain 10% chance (per upgrade) to go right through an enemy.

Drill: +3% (per upgrade) to discipline.


Level 1Edit

HP: 100

Damage: 15

Level 2Edit

HP: 110

Damage: 16

Level 3Edit

HP: 120

Damage: 17

Level 4Edit

HP: 130

Damage: 18

Level 5Edit

HP: 140

Damage: 19

Level 6Edit

HP: 150

Damage: 20

Level 7Edit

HP: 160

Damage: 21

Level 8Edit

HP: 170

Damage: 22

Level 9Edit

HP: 180

Damage: 23

Level 10Edit

HP: 190

Damage: 24

Level 11Edit

HP: 200

Damage: 25

Level 12Edit

HP: 210

Damage: 26

Level 13Edit

HP: 220

Damage: 27

Level 14Edit

HP: 230

Damage: 28

Level 15Edit

HP: 240

Damage: 29