Ray is a hero in Band of Heroes.

Leader's PowersEdit

Flamethrower: Launches a wide beam of flame forward causing 400% (+20% per Overdrive upgrade) damage to each enemy affected.


Loot Magnet: Bonus and Gold Magnet area is increased by 50% per upgrade.

Loot Expert: The chance to get weapon bonus is increased by 2% (per upgrade).

Napalm Bomb: When the bomb hits an enemy, the enemy starts to burn. The fire burns for 3 (+1 per upgrade) seconds causing 50% damage each second.

Overdrive: Flamethrower's beam thickness and damage is increased by 20% (per upgrade).

Healing Drone: Grants a healing drone who restores 1% (per upgrade) of Ray's max HP each 5 seconds.

Attack Drone: Grants a battle drone who attacks the nearest enemy each 0.5 seconds causing 5% (per upgrade) damage.


Level 1Edit

HP: 100

Damage: 20

Level 2Edit

HP: 110

Damage: 21

Level 3Edit

HP: 120

Damage: 22

Level 4Edit

HP: 130

Damage: 23

Level 5Edit

HP: 140

Damage: 24

Level 6Edit

HP: 150

Damage: 25

Level 7Edit

HP: 160

Damage: 26

Level 8Edit

HP: 170

Damage: 27

Level 9Edit

HP: 180

Damage: 28

Level 10Edit

HP: 190

Damage: 29

Level 11Edit

HP: 200

Damage: 30

Level 12Edit

HP: 210

Damage: 31

Level 13Edit

HP: 220

Damage: 32

Level 14Edit

HP: 230

Damage: 33

Level 15Edit

HP: 240

Damage: 34